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9 Reasons Bike Blast Gets a 5 Star Review

9 Reasons Bike Blast Gets a 5 Star Review

1. Guide, Matthew, was great: experienced, knowledgeable and a skilled mtn biker able to give me key tips to keep me safe while allowing me to ride better and have more fun. Also very personable and fun to spend 3 hours riding with, plus a little […]

No longer stuck doing workouts on an ill-fitting & poorly maintained hotel gym stationary bike!

I’ve always considered going to conferences in Las Vegas a necessary evil of my job. And these trips have typically meant that I was stuck doing workouts on an ill-fitting & poorly maintained hotel gym stationary bike.
This all changed when I discovered Bike Blast Las Vegas. I was thrilled to learn that I can […]

Great Road Bike Ride – Excellent Service

Reviewed January 2015

I was looking for a road bike rental for a day of riding in Las Vegas for our trip there between Christmas and New Year’s. Found a number of place to rent but one that was providing a concierge service to pick me up and provide me with a guided ride. This […]

Valley of Fire Epic Ride

Visited in December 2014

Just got back from a weekend of riding with these guys.  The guides have a ton of knowledge to drop on you about the areas and the rides are as beautiful as they come.  There is something for everyone!  Loved the BMC bikes they had.  I was pleasantly surprised that the […]

What a ride!

Visited June 2014

Not only was this some of the best riding I’ve ever done, but I would never ever ever had known where to go or how to get there without these guys! Not only do they bring the local knowledge of the rides, they totally set you up with the best gear. I […]

Great Day Out

Visited August 2014

I am not known for my online posts, but I felt I needed to let others know about a new company getting started in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to experience a Bike Blast cycling tour over the summer with my mother. We went out on August 24 for a scenic […]

Awesome Experience!

Visited September 2014

This was a fantastic ride. I’ve always heard there was great riding outside Las Vegas but I had never know just where to go or what trail fit my abilities. The Bike Blast guys gave me a great day on the bike. Picking the right trails, having the best gear and making […]

First time on a bike in 30 years & I love it!

Visiting in November 2014

What a great day. I hadn’t been on a bike in about 30 years and didn’t know how things would go, but Bike Blast was the perfect way to get back up on that bike. The bikes we rented were top of the line and so easy to ride. I was […]

Beautiful Area to Explore

Visited August 2014

I went to Las Vegas for a visit and loved the sites but I love to excercise too. I am normally a runner but running can only take me so far. I knew a friend of the owner of Bike Blast, a bicycle tour group, and he suggest a bike tour. I […]

Bike Blast Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada

Visited December 2014

I had searched for at least a month for a bike shop I could rent a mountain bike from to tour Bootleg Canyon Las Vegas. For those who don’t know Bootleg Canyon, it is very well known for its mountain bike trails, cross country and extreme downhill. I was thinking I would […]