Awesome Experience – Mountain Bike 5 Star Review on TripAdvisor

“Cottonwood trail mountain bike run.”

Mountain Bike 5 Star ReviewAwesome experience. Got picked up at MGM just after 7:00 AM, to get on the trail before the sun got too intense. Had some good laughs with some loose casual conversation on the way t the trail, also leaned some interesting facts about the area. Once we arrived, we were quickly set up and hit the trail. We never once felt out of place or outclassed during the ride. Coming from northern Ontario, the terrain was much different than what we were accustomed too, and having just finished our winter, we both hadn’t been on bikes in nearly six months so there were some cob webs to work out. When back in Vegas again I would definitely look up Bike Blast and look for either Manny our the guide or Adam, who was the other guide that traveled with us and took another couple out on a road bike tour, he was also friendly and seemed easy to get along with and knowledgeable about the sport and the area.

Thanks Manny!Trip Advisor for Bike Blast


Five stars all the way.



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