Visited December 2014

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I had searched for at least a month for a bike shop I could rent a mountain bike from to tour Bootleg Canyon Las Vegas. For those who don’t know Bootleg Canyon, it is very well known for its mountain bike trails, cross country and extreme downhill. I was thinking I would rent a car, rent a bike and guide myself. Logistically this is time consuming and expensive, but I really wanted to mountain bike this area. After searching the internet there are not that many companies that rent mountain bikes and they are not well reviewed.

One week before my trip, frustrated that I may have a bad experience I found Bike Blast Last Vegas. This company has been open for only one year and they started tours a month ago. There bikes are virtually brand new BMCs. They are the only tour group that allows for a single private tour. That means they would pick me up from my strip hotel, guide me through the park (this is customizable to the level of rider you are and what you want to do), provide nutrition and helmet, gloves etc if necessary. This was AWESOME because for what it would have cost me to rent a car then find a bike and probably get lost at Bootleg, I get a private tour.

For about $200 (really very Undervalued), Max, the general manager, took me out two days ago and I had the best time. Max was very experienced, he knew exactly where he was going, he understood my level of riding, we rode for probably 3 hours and he also provided instruction. When I needed to rest we rested, when it was time to go fast we went fast. He was very enthusiastic the whole time. He made any necessary adjustments to my bike and took care of the set up and break down. I could not expect a better experience. This will be the only group I ride with in the future when I go back to Las Vegas. My only suggestion to anyone who is into mountain biking, if you ride platforms pedals bring your own, they did not have upgraded platforms pedals yet.