“Great service, great insights, very professional.”

Matthew (a former executive with an international travel company) picked us up at the tour entrance at Paris Casino and Hotel. He was very friendly and approachable. The drive out to The Valley Of Fire went very quickly due to the easy conversation. Matthew then fitted us up with our bikes, the BMC’s were a dream to ride.

It was a very hot day 104 F but there was a cooler full of icy water and energy drink.  Matthew took it easy on us during the ride but if we wanted a more challenging experience he let us know it could be easily catered for. His knowledge of the park, the rock formations and the local tribal history was fantastic. He knew the best spots for photography and after we had done with our ride we still had some time up our sleeve so he took us to see some other areas in the van. Snacks were provided and the drive home was again filled with pleasant conversation and recommendations for some of the locals favourite restaurants that a regular tourist just wouldn’t take the time to get to.

Great ribs by the way Matthew.

My travelling partner discovered he had left his phone/wallet in the van once we had been dropped back to Paris. A quick phone call to Matthew saw him return the phone/wallets/cards and cash to us at Paris in his own time and drop us to the rib restaurant he had recommended.

Can speak highly enough of the service.