Sloan Canyon, Nevada, Welcome signEnjoy Your Mountain Bike Ride in Sloan Canyon!

Knows as the hidden jewel of Southern Nevada, Sloan Canyon offers a gentle double track through Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.  The experience and landscape is like being on another planet. With a wide trail and great scenery this is great for beginner mountain bikers or people looking to get a great ride in without worrying about technical riding.

Bike Tour through Sloan Canyon in Las VegasWe often suggest this ride to those who are interested in an adventurous tour, but don’t want a course with too much difficulty.  Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area’s 48,438 acres provide peace and solitude for those who visit the unique scenic and geologic features and extraordinary cultural resources. Surroundings can vary from lowland dry lake beds to volcanic rock peaks reaching more than 5,000 feet.  Your will definitely have many great photo-ops on your bike tour, so don’t miss out!

Image of petroglyph site in Sloan CanyonSloan Canyon also offers many opportunities to view ancient Rock Art. The centerpiece of the area is the Sloan Canyon Petroglyph Site, one of the most significant cultural resources in Southern Nevada. Archeologists believe the more than 300 rock art panels with 1,700 individual design elements were created by native cultures from the Archaic to historic era.

So, if you are a beginner to intermediate cyclists, this may be the best mountain biking experience for you in Las Vegas.  You will get to experience beautiful trails while at the same time not needing to specialize in mountain biking.  Enjoy your time on this tour- it is definitely worth the Video Upgrade!

Bike Path in Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area

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