Different people, different sports, different weights, different sweat rates; one nutrition solution is not the right answer. – INFINIT Nutrition

Infinit Custom Formula Sliding ScaleBike Blast is proud to partner with INFINIT Nutrition to provide you with FREE products to ensure that you get the electrolytes you need for your bike tour or bike rental while in Las Vegas, and here is why…

INFINIT’s custom-blended nutrition solutions are designed to match YOUR unique nutritional profile through the complete customization of a sports drink. They carry a host of ingredients that have been shown to enhance endurance, muscle hydration, recovery and muscle performance. INFINIT allows YOU to customize the number of calories, the flavor level, number of electrolytes and so on, creating the right nutrition for you and your sport.  Check out their cool custom formula sliding scale from which you can create your perfect sports drink.

Until now, sports nutrition companies offered an assortment of products for you to buy—they offer you a sports drink as the basic product, they then give you gels to add calories, and sports bars for when you start feeling hungry, or for when the drinks and gels become unpalatable. These companies also place the onus on you to consume their products in the right quantities while you’re training or racing. INFINIT does the juggling for you at the production stage, leaving you free to focus on your sport when training or racing. They create a drink with the right number of calories for YOU, with enough electrolytes for YOU. They add protein to stop hunger if YOU need it and will give you a flavor level that you enjoy and will still find palatable three or four hours into your race.

GoFar Infinit productSo replace all of the gels, pills, bars with zero gut issues…100% Guaranteed.

Bike Blast Las Vegas is pleased to offer you one of INFINIT’s Preset Formulas for your Vegas bike tour, semi-guided rental experience or bike rental.  Choose from :GO FAR, :SPEED, :JET FUEL and more! Enjoy!