Visited August 2014

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I am not known for my online posts, but I felt I needed to let others know about a new company getting started in Las Vegas. I had the opportunity to experience a Bike Blast cycling tour over the summer with my mother. We went out on August 24 for a scenic tour through Red Rock, as both my mother and I are not what you would call “pro” cyclists. Our guide took us to several points for some great photo ops and was very informative about some of the scenes we were taking in along the way. On the return trip from the lookout point we were looking to extend our ride a bit to see what challenges we could handle and our guide was very receptive to our wants. He took us down a winding side trail that challenged both my mother and me. I soon found myself charging up a giant hill to an incredible lookout point with the guide behind me shouting encouragement. All I can say is that after the ride I was both impressed with the views around Las Vegas and the experience I received along the way. If you’re looking to burn a few calories and see some of Vegas outside of the casinos, trusting in the guys at Bike Blast is a great way to do it.