Are you looking for an incredible experience in Las Vegas?  Try combining a visit to the Hoover Dam, riding through the historic 6-tunnels, experiencing BMC mountain bikes, and breath-taking views of Lake Mead all-in-one.

We had some guests in town this weekend and gave them the ride of a lifetime.  We kitted-up BMC style, mounted the BMC rental bikes from Bike Blast Las Vegas and created lifetime memories.

The bike tour was highlighted by the 6-tunnels leading towards the Hoover Dam.  These are former train tracks through tunnels that have been converted to a cinder path excellent for mountain bikes.  At certain points you are in complete darkness.  When you emerge, prepare for a 200-foot elevated view over Lake Mead.  Our group of five riders went easy as the Hoover Dam marathon was finishing up.  In about 4-miles we arrived at the Dam and it was Dam Cool!  We took time for pictures and Dam Jokes, like “What a Dam ride”.  Someone decided to call a $1 prize for the first one to climb the other side for a group picture.  Cody battled out a victory.

Here we are….getting a Dam good picture.

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Being in all BMC gear and BMC Bikes draws attention, especially when we were yelling meaningless group signals as we crossed the Dam.  Tourists were actually taking our pictures instead of this man made wonder!

Great time, great group….if you are every in Las Vegas looking for a fun way to see the Hoover Dam Bike Blast Las Vegas is ready to host you with rental bikes, semi-guided, or guide tour options.  Bike Blast Las Vegas makes riding convenient with free hotel delivery and pick-up for any option.