Here is a “Shout Out” to our Amazing Partners and Sponsors!

Sponsors of Bike Blast

Our Bike Tours and Bike Rentals are a huge success in Las Vegas because we have passionate tour guides and an amazing lineup of cycling and athletic partners!

Our road and mountain bikes are all high end BMCs – if you want to know how remarkable these bikes are, just check out the Tour de France!  Given the rough terrain surround Vegas, we have chosen Hutchinson Tires to keep you moving smooth throughout your ride.  Thanks to ESI Gripsyou will also notice how comfortable your grasp is, even on those 3+ hour rides.  Although water is a must on any desert excursion, we also provide Infinit Nutrition to replenish your calories, electrolytes, carbs, proteins, amino acids and even caffeine!  And since our tours are something that doesn’t have to “stay in Vegas”, we offer a RePlay XD video of your experience.

So thank you Partners!  Our guests enjoy the best Las Vegas cycling experience because of You!


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