This was a totally epic Bike ride.

Mountain biking in bootleg canyon, nv

We did Bootleg Canyon. It was me, and some dude who wore a spandex onesie (who was much faster (uphill/non technical) than our very competent guide), and our guide.

Bootleg canyon is a little harder.  The sand slips a bit and is unnerving. There are scary quick up/down sections.  Both me and the onesie guy walked a couple of these but braved most of them.

Our guide was great.  Very familiar and helped us stay cautious even as we took too many risks probably.  On the way back, he said I was just about ready for something like this.  It was no joke.  Fair assessment I think.

Overall, It was a phenomenal experience.

Yelp 5 star rating – Asper K.

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