Totally Epic Bike Ride

This was a totally epic Bike ride.

We did Bootleg Canyon. It was me, and some dude who wore a spandex onesie (who was much faster (uphill/non technical) than our very competent guide), and our guide.

Bootleg canyon is a little harder.  The sand slips a bit and is unnerving. There are scary quick up/down sections. […]

Bootleg Canyon – Customer Review

“Bootleg Canyon”

Great to get away from The Strip for a bit.  Really enjoyed mountain biking in the desert, it was a totally different experience for me. Bike Blast was great and everything ran very smoothly from pick up to drop off at the hotel.  Adam, my guide, was very good and knew my capabilities and […]

Bike Blast Las Vegas, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada

Visited December 2014

I had searched for at least a month for a bike shop I could rent a mountain bike from to tour Bootleg Canyon Las Vegas. For those who don’t know Bootleg Canyon, it is very well known for its mountain bike trails, cross country and extreme downhill. I was thinking I would […]